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Fullstack Web Development

Use HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, node.js, GitHub and visual studio code to program a fullstack, responsive and interactive website

Mobile Development

Learn the fundamentals of mobile applications including how they work, their key components and what is involved in their development via cross-platforms.

UI/UX Design

Launch a UI/UX career with the research and design skills today's top companies require. Build a professional-grade portfolio that gets noticed.

CRM Automation

Get the skill the will help you implement CRM systems that are applicable to a wide range of organisations.

Digital Marketing

As you dive into this class, you will learn about a wide variety of tools, techniques, and topics, like social media marketing, digital advertising, SEO, SEM, and PPC.

Database Management

Database management will introduce you to languages, applications and programming used for the design and maintenance of business databases.


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